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Cyware Labs
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New York, NY
United States

Cyware Labs offers a full-stack of innovative cybersecurity platforms for Strategic & Tactical Threat Intelligence Sharing, Cyber Data Fusion and Threat Response. Cyware's cyber solutions provide enterprise customers a unified and connected security ecosystem that bolsters your real-time perception, comprehension and projection of threat elements unique to your environment and empowers you to proactively respond and manage with force.

Cyware Product Suite

Cyware Situational Awareness Platform - A mobile powered strategic threat intelligence and information sharing platform that enhances organizational preparedness through real-time security alerts and crisis notifications to employees based on their role, location and business alignment.

Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchangeA smart client-server tactical threat intelligence sharing platform for ingestion, AI-based analysis, and exchange of real-time threat indicators with peers, clients, and third party suppliers.

Cyware Fusion and Threat Response - A complete SOAR solution designed to facilitate cyber prevention, detection, collaboration, & response in real time.

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