Connors Group

Connors Group
Booth # 323
Canonsburg, PA
United States

Connors Group is a management consultancy specializing in operational improvement, industrial engineering, productivity enhancement, and workforce management. Our mission is to help retail, supply chain, and service industry clients achieve measurable and sustainable operational improvement. With a dedicated team rooted in workforce management with extensive field experience, we have developed leading workforce management tools and proven methodologies for long-term success.

We specialize in achieving operational excelence to enhance profitability for our customers. With a deep understanding of their goals, we leverage our expertise in industrial engineering, and operational technology to meet their needs. As part of our comprehensive solutions, we address the complex issue of shrink by offering a systematic approach encompassing all store operations areas. Through collaboration and shared accountability, we recognize the interconnected nature of the retail ecosystem and promote sustainable operational improvement.  To learn more about Connors Group visit or call (800) 813 – 7028.