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The Compuflex Corporation


The Compuflex Corporation
Booth # 977
Springfield, NJ
United States

Compuflex Corporation has been successfully providing cash handling solutions for over 30 years. We are an independent, privately-owned, cash handling solution provider.

At Compuflex, we deliver solutions that address the areas of cash management, automation delivery, and currency tracking. Our core business focus is on developing tools for financial, retail, and gaming markets both nationally and internationally. We constantly demonstrate our ongoing commitment through our customized solution design, unparalleled customer support, in-house and on-site training programs, and solid warranties. 

Compuflex has been providing connectivity solutions to the retail, financial and gaming markets since 1983. Cash Core Connect (C3) is our brand new state-of-the--art soft integration solution which has been designed specifically for retail. It connects any Windows-based POS system to a variety of cash handling devices, including cash and coin recyclers, smart safes and count-by-weight cash drawers, without the need for any costly development work.