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CIS Security Solutions, Inc.


CIS Security Solutions, Inc.
CIS Security Solutions, Inc.
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Stuart, FL
United States
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CIS Security solutions does not just sell security solutions.  We live them.  At CIS, we go to great lengths to test our products for quality, durability, longevity, and sustainability.  Through the cooperation of our manufacturers, our clients, the Loss Prevention Research council and other loss prevention professionals, we collaborate and evaluate our products, improving them where they can be improved, bringing you the best products on the market to protect your merchandise.  CIS broke the 4-alarm tag barrier several years ago, and is now producing products that have versatile uses, IR protection, replaceable batteries, replaceable components, and up to 6-way alarming.  We have improved the strength of our alarming tethers to up to 120 lb. pull strength, and our exclusive handheld and countertop decoders.  The Loss Prevention Research Council has tested the Handheld Decoders, the Gen5 Tethers, and the Convertible in Store Labs and the results were VERY positive.  The associates appreciate the products, and the offenders are deterred by them.  Our NEW patent pending Tick-R-Tape Tag is the latest in our product line.  Come see us for a demonstration, and a gift!


CIS Gen5

The CIS Gen5 is THE most sustainable alarming recoiling tether. The replaceable alarming component, tether, and battery ensure less waste in landfills, less labor, less shrink. Currently protecting Designer handbags all over the world!