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John Tabor


SVP, Supply Chain
National Retail Systems, Inc.
John Tabor is Senior Vice President for National Retail Systems, Inc. National Retail Systems is the parent company of four unique operating entities that consolidate and deliver freight for many of the countries leading retailers. Under his direction his team leads loss prevention efforts in Security, Safety and Compliance as well as contributing in business development and marketing initiatives.

John has numerous industry affiliations, He is a board member of the International Supply Chain Protection Organization, Transportation Loss Prevention Security Association and the National Cargo Theft Task Force. He has been a past board member of the Transported Asset Protection Organization, the Loss Prevention Foundation and the International Cargo Security Council.

John is a regular speaker with both the National Retail Federation and the Retail Industry Leaders association. He also conducts regular training classes with Miami Dade PD, New Jersey State PD and the Illinois PD on supply chain security issues.

Speaking in:

Tuesday Jun 27
3:00 - 3:45 PM
Maryland C 

Losses within the supply chain pipeline put billions of dollars at risk every year. The average value of a stolen shipment in-transit can be around $300,000, according to FreightWatch International. Transportation security plays a central role in... Read more