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Cathy Lanier


Senior Vice President of Security
The first woman to lead the nation’s capital police force, Cathy Lanier is one of the most respected and trusted experts on security, risk management and counter-terrorism solutions.

Over her celebrated 26 years in law enforcement and counter-terrorism, Cathy Lanier has come to be known for her game-changing leadership strategies as she rose through the ranks of the Metro DC Police Force, ultimately being appointed to chief in 2007. She is the first female chief of the nation’s capital, one of three female chiefs in the nation and the longest serving chief on the DC force. Credited for transforming the city once known as the “murder capital of the nation,” her street-smart tactics of empowering citizens through better communication and trust, and providing the force with better technology and intelligence, resulted in a 53 percent reduction in homicides from 2008-2012. An expert in securing and managing large special events, she oversaw five Presidential Inaugurations, including the 2009 Inauguration, the largest in history, as well as several special events in DC including two state funerals and two Papal visits. In 2013, she led the efforts in response to the Washington Navy Yard mass shooting. Success did not come without hard work and overcoming odds. Lanier began her career as a junior high dropout and single mom and went on to earn her GED and two masters degrees—all while working her way up within the DC police force. Lanier shares with audiences insights on policing, risk management and security, leadership under crisis and the power of persistence in overcoming your own odds and achieving any goal.

Now, as the newly appointed senior vice president of security for the NFL, Lanier will ensure the security of all 32 NFL teams and their venues, working with federal, state and local law enforcement and handling security for the Super Bowl.

Speaking in:

Tuesday Jun 27
12:00 - 1:30 PM
Maryland A 

The first woman to lead the nation's capital police force, Cathy Lanier shares her moving story of achievement — from junior high school dropout to transformative community leader — despite daunting challenges. Take away an... Read more

Wednesday Jun 28
8:00 - 9:30 AM
Potomac Ballroom 
With notable increases in crime and security threats in the U.S. at an all-time high, protecting our people and assets is top of mind. As the longest serving chief of police and the first female to hold the position in the nation’s capital,... Read more