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An Interrogator's Perspective on Netflix's "Making a Murderer"

Tuesday, June 27
Maryland C
An Interrogator's Perspective on Netflix's "Making a Murderer"
It was the documentary television series that many of us binge-watched in late 2015—the story of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey as they travel through the many layers of the criminal justice system. Join Dassey's attorney, Laura Nirider, as well as investigator and professional interrogator Dave Thompson, CFI as they dissect Netflix’s “Making a Murderer,” including a discussion on interrogation techniques, the issue of involuntary confessions, and alleged corruption in the criminal justice system.

Learn to:
  • Interview subjects using non-accusatory questioning.
  • Validate the voluntariness of a subject’s statements and confession.
  • Obtain confessions with an understanding of the legal ramifications.

Due to recent news, Laura Nirider, Assistant Professor of Law, Pritzer School of Law Northwestern University,  will be a part of this session through video remarks only.

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