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Executive Afternoon: Negotiation for Business Leaders – by Invitation Only

Monday, June 26
Maryland A
Executive Afternoon: Negotiation for Business Leaders – by Invitation Only

Specifically designed for executive-level loss prevention and asset protection professionals, Executive Afternoon offers interactive discussion, expert insights and takeaways, and exclusive peer-to-peer networking. The 3-hour program considers topics that help keep pace with the rapidly changing expectations and challenges currently facing your profession, and new dependencies on others in the business to effect change.
This year’s program features a Master Class for business negotiation skills, led by the FBI’s former lead international hostage negotiator, Chris Voss. During the first half of the “Negotiation for Business Leaders” program, you'll learn the tools and techniques FBI Hostage Negotiators and other experts use to ensure constructive outcomes for a variety of negotiation scenarios. Don't find yourself under prepared when faced with opposition; negotiation begins the moment you make eye contact. Are you equipped to maintain control of a negotiation from handshake to resolution? After a short mid-session break, we’ll wrap up with an in-depth review on tactical secrets hostage negotiators use for the win!
Featuring an instructional classroom format with simulations and live role-playing, the program covers:

  • The role of empathy in negotiation
  • How to prepare for a negotiation even before you meet the other party
  • How to ask productive "calibrated" questions

Executive Afternoon is limited to 100 participants, and only two executives may attend from each retail organization. Lunch is included from noon to 1:00 pm. There is no cost to attend Executive Afternoon, however, all attendees must be registered with a full conference pass.

If you want to be added to the invitation list, please email Karen Shunk at
Former FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator
Author, Never Split the Difference