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Emerging Leaders Workshop: Verbal Defense and Influence

Monday, June 26
Maryland C
Emerging Leaders Workshop: Verbal Defense and Influence

When you react, the events control you. When you respond, you’re in control. This half-day workshop will teach asset protection and loss prevention leaders at regional and local levels a new way to communicate effectively with difficult people under stressful situations, redirecting behavior with words. This interactive and informative workshop will arm attendees with tested, highly effective communication tactics that can help deescalate almost any situation in the retail environment.

11:30-12:00 PM: Attendee lunch
12:00-2:05 PM: Part 1

  • Verbal Defense and Influence Overview
  • Universal Greeting/Non-escalation strategies
  • Conflict Triggers and use of Redirections

2:05-2:25 PM: Networking/Refreshment Break
2:25-3:25 PM: Part 2

  • Persuasion Tactics
  • Situational Training Drills

3:25-3:55 PM: Verbal Defense and Influence Closure & Q&A

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn by attending this workshop:

  • How to identify your conflict triggers and maintain your emotional equilibrium
  • How to not set off the conflict triggers of others
  • The gateway behaviors of violence
  • How to not end up on YouTube or the evening news
  • Using distance, positioning and hand placement to stay safe
  • How to redirect verbal abuse
  • The three step sequence for gaining cooperation
  • How to intervene in a crisis situation
  • How to close an interaction to achieve the best possible outcome

Lunch is provided to workshop participants. Access to the EXPO Hall is included.

Open to Retailers only. Additional fee Required. Space is limited - Register NOW!

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