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The Armed Robbery Epidemic: How to Stay Safe

Tuesday, June 27
Maryland B
The Armed Robbery Epidemic: How to Stay Safe

In 2015, firearms were involved in about 123,358 robberies and many of those took place in retail, restaurant, grocery and convenience store environments. Armed robbery is dangerous, appears to be increasing and isn’t easy to control. That’s why national retailers, including Kroger and Rite-Aid, are working alongside the University of Florida’s Loss Prevention Retail Council to make robbery attempts tougher, riskier and less rewarding for criminals. In this session, research criminologist Dr. Read Hayes explains the UF/LPRC project and the R&D process, including solutions currently in the trial stages.  

Learn to:

  • Use information detailing how the offender makes decisions to specify what solutions a retailer should use.
  • Maximize the value of incident reporting data to boost protective impact testing.
  • Benchmark anti-robbery tactics and decide how to improve for their business going forward.
Loss Prevention Research Council
Senior Manager, Facility Security
Walmart, Global Security
Sr. Manager, Corporate Loss Prevention
Kroger Company
SVP, Loss Prevention
Rite Aid