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NRF PROTECT Show Rules & Regulations

NRF PROTECT provides retail, restaurant, law enforcement professionals with an opportunity to learn about recent changes and trends in the industry and to network with other retailers and vendors. To help foster the professional business environment, the following rules apply at all times during the event:


  • Each attendee must wear the Convention badge issued by NRF.
  • Attendees must keep their Convention badges visible.
  • Attendees may not exchange, give, trade or sell Convention badges to anyone.
  • Convention access is limited to the areas identified on each badge. (For example, EXPO Pass badges allow admission to the EXPO hall only).
  • NRF makes all final decisions on who has access to the Convention and what badges are issued for the Convention. NRF, its contractors, and the Javits Convention Center may remove any person from the Convention that, in NRF’s opinion, is violating or threatening to violate any of these rules or whose conduct is objectionable, disorderly, or disruptive.
  • REMINDER: Lost or stolen badges are subject to a reprint fee that is equal to 50% of the original fees paid. Replacement fees are non-refundable.

Also during the Conference

  • Electronic devices must be turned off or set to meeting mode during educational sessions.
  • Photography, videotaping or recording the Conference or any part of it is strictly prohibited without NRF’s written approval.
  • Suitcasing and other forms of solicitation are prohibited at the Conference unless specifically permitted by NRF in writing.
  • Disruptive or objectionable conduct, activities and related materials (megaphones, signage, etc...) as determined by NRF, are strictly prohibited in every area of the Conference unless specifically approved by NRF in writing.
  • Conference attendees must be at least eighteen years old.

NRF reserves the right to changes these rules at any time. Please direct any questions you have about the rules to the NRF conference team.