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New and Enriched Programs

We’re always looking for ways to take our current programs to the next level as well as add new elements to the show. For 2017, we’ve added new programs and boosted a few NRF PROTECT favorites.


Retail's BIG Show 2017 - New ProgramsNew Programs & Offerings

Emerging Leaders Workshop: Verbal Defense and Influence

When you react, the event controls you. When you respond, you’re in control. This half-day workshop will teach tested tactics to de-escalate stressful retail encounters. Learn more. Just $195.

LP Mentor Experience Roundtables

Do you want to move your career forward and learn from others who have had a successful career in loss prevention? Join members of the NRF LP Council and other experienced retail leaders for an interactive, small group discussion.

NRF Engage: 1-on-1 Pre-Scheduled Meetings

NRF makes it easier for retailers to maneuver the array of EXPO products and solutions. This new service, in partnership with retail consultant Sophelle, facilitates a series of short, private meetings between retail attendees and exhibitors. Learn more.

Retail Teams

5+ retailers makes a team and saves your company quite a bit of money! New rate available for both NRF retail members and non-members. See which teams are on board or register your team.


Retail's BIG Show - Enhanced ProgramsEnhanced Favorites

Exhibitor Insights

These exhibitor-produced sessions have been reorganized to deliver one of three types of sessions: a case study, product demo or success story. Review Exhibitor Insights.

Food Retail Asset Protection Pavilion

In partnership with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), we’ve expanded the number of EXPO exhibitors with dedicated security solutions for the food retail, restaurant and grocery segments.

More Retailer & Law Enforcement Collaboration

Only at NRF PROTECT can you break bread and meet with 25+ state and federal law enforcement agencies and various organized retail crime association (ORCA) partners in one place. Visit the expanded Fusion Center.

NRF Clubhouse

Sit. Meet. Recharge. The NRF Clubhouse is open to all attendees. Need to sit? There are chairs, lots of them. Impromptu meeting? We’ve provided unique hubs for your team to gather. Phone need a charge? Plugs and chargers galore!