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The Zellman Group LLC


The Zellman Group LLC
Booth # 601
Greenvale, NY
United States
Platinum Sponsor
Sponsor of Food Retail Breakfast and Co-Sponsor of Happy Hour, NRF Engage and ORC/Investigator's Network and Law Enforcement Breakfast
The Zellman Group (Zellman) is the leading provider of attorney-supervised Civil Recovery and Employee Restitution collections, maintaining a philosophy of being risk averse yet attaining superior results and outstanding service. Our ORC division provides retailers with the ability to recover losses related to ORC cases. Our experts can assist determining the scope of a case, assist compiling case information and documentation for presentation to law enforcement or prosecutors. As a fully vetted authorized user of CLEAR, we are able to provide full due diligence on background information and current assets. The LP Analytics division has expertise with a wide array of analytics tools for the retail, hospitality and food & beverage industries. Zellman’s dedicated, experienced data analysts identify high risk exceptions and hidden issues to generate quick and long-term ROI.  Zellman uses only PCI compliant and cutting edge technology to deliver the highest results.