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Voyager Labs


Voyager Labs
Booth # 334
Reston, VA
United States
Silver Sponsor
Co-Sponsor of NRF Engage
Voyager Labs has built a proprietary platform that uses pioneering AI and deep cognitive learning to turn the social sphere, and its chaotic, unstructured data, into individualized, actionable insights.

Our Expert System, Voyager Analytics, provides Corporate Investigators and Human Resources Officers with immediate and anonymous access to open source social media, and plays an important role in combating organized retail crime & employee/vendor vetting.

Not all individual assessments require the full Expert System. When dealing with hundreds or thousands of people, a more rapid and scalable assessment solution is needed, Our automated system, Voyager Check, fills this gap. It draws on the same socially- derived, behavioral data that our Expert System uses, while delivering the automated response you need – in real-time.

Download our brochure to learn more about how we can help your organization protect it’s assets and combat theft.