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Volumatic is the UK’s leading manufacturer of intelligent cash handling equipment. For more than 40 years Volumatic has been pioneering retail security products. In that time, it has established many industry leading products and become recognised as a global leader in the design, manufacture and implementation of intelligent cash handling solution. Our customers in the retail, banking, leisure and entertainment industries use Volumatic products to enhance security, reduce shrinkage and deliver process efficiencies.  We aim to deliver intelligent cash handling products that increase customers’ profits through improved process efficiency. Our products are used globally to count and protect over $4billion per day.

Press Releases

Volumatic joins forces with Gulfcoast Software Solutions to develop 360 cash management system

The two companies, Volumatic and Gulfcoast Software Solutions have joined forces to develop a combined cash management solution for the retail sector. 

Both companies will each use their own cash management solutions to bring to the market a complete 360-degree integrated cash management solution. With Volumatic as the UK’s leading manufacturer of intelligent cash handling, and Gulfcoast Software Solutions being able to store real time data gives future retailers complete visibility and control over how they handle their cash.