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WarRoom provides real-time visibility of your remote sites. Quickly assess, manage and respond to every aspect of an incident. Helps you quickly dispatch response teams and monitor recovery. Documentation, communications & reporting are quick and easy.

VOLO is the only web-based emergency response service that offers four communications tools in a user-friendly geographic interface.  

  1. Employee Notification A high-speed notification system capable of broadcasting voice, text, email, interactive surveys, desktop popups and Conference Bridge invites.

  2. Backup PBX A back-up phone

  3. Toll-Free Hotline Unlimited mail boxes enable each department to post targeted messages, have employees leave messages or be transferred live to someone in that department. For inbound notification during post Superstorm Sandy situations.

  4. Proactive Severe Weather Monitoring Automatically initiated severe weather warnings via voice, text and e-mail. Mobile app delivers weather warnings for current location.