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Tellermate, Inc.


Tellermate, Inc.
Booth # 1315
Alpharetta, GA
United States

Tellermate will be exhibiting at NRF Protect this year, demonstrating a number of ground-breaking solutions to help retailers maximize the ROI from their cash management.

Come and see our T-ice Intelligent Cash Drawer which builds Tellermate’s innovative count-by-weight technology into the drawer itself, giving you full visibility of exactly how much cash is in the drawer in real-time.

The clever counting technology eliminates the need for cash counting at cashing-up time; improving efficiency and reducing cashier stress.

Even more impressive though, with its real-time transaction-by-transaction insight, T-ice keeps a running total of the cash in your drawer and reconciles this against the POS. In this way, T-ice can identify discrepancies such as customers being short-changed, or instances of cash loss (all in real-time). And, with its clever alert system and real-time dashboard, managers can see the exact amount of cash in each drawer at any given time. This generates a real-time picture of the physical cash across the organization, enabling faster and more informed management decisions.

Drop by booth #1315 or visit to learn more.



Count your entire cash drawer in 60 seconds or less with the Tellermate T-iX cash counter. Find out more at booth #1315 or visit

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