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StopLift Checkout Vision Systems


StopLift Checkout Vision Systems
StopLift Checkout Vision Systems
Booth # 540
Cambridge, MA
United States

StopLift Checkout Vision Systems is the industry leading pioneer of scan-avoidance detection and video analytics targeting both manned and self checkouts.  Deployed across four continents, StopLift’s systems have detected over 1.5 MILLION confirmed incidents.

StopLift’s ScanItAll software is one of the fastest growing technologies in loss prevention. Thousands of checkouts have video (from existing overhead cameras) automatically analyzed every moment by StopLift’s software to detect shrink visually, even when it leaves no data-trail, including:

  •  “Sweethearting” collusion between cashiers and customers
  • Self-Checkout Loss including “weightless theft” weight-sensor-avoidance
  • Basket-Based Loss involving Bottom-of-Basket (BOB) or Middle-of-Basket (MOB)
  • Operational Negligence, Refund Fraud, Void Fraud, Systemic Issues, etc.

StopLift’s new Self-Checkout Accelerator reduces annoying transaction interruptions for honest shoppers at self-checkouts, resulting in higher throughput, shorter lines, and happier customers.