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Booth # 835
Eugene, OR
United States

Prevent Margin Erosion and Discount Fraud using SheerID as a Loss Prevention Solution.

As a tool to minimize fraud exposure, SheerID has been implemented in the following ways:  

  • Consumer Eligibility Verification
  • Omnichannel Protection
  • Pre-verification for Rewards and Loyalty Programs
  • Coupon Code Protection

Protect your bottom line with verification technology.

SheerID’s eligibility verification reduces the fraud inherent in marketing campaigns while maximizing the reward. Our verification platform utilizes real-time, authoritative data to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate results on the market.

Our solutions are flexible, offering as much or as little protection as you need.

For more information, visit us on the show floor at booth 523, or join our panel with one of our clients,, as we discuss how SheerID became the right solution for protecting their customer appreciation programs. Read more about how SheerID can assist your brand with Loss Prevention.