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Securitime, LLC


Securitime, LLC
Booth # 436
Mount Pleasant, SC
United States
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Securitime is a new way for LP and AP professionals to effectively track and manage cost and data of their overall security officer program.  Total transparency in hours work by vendors, alerts for lateness and all this followed up a robust full incident reporting program keeps everyone aware at all times.  In addition key performance metrics helps identify spots for improvements in some areas, while in others where services are in need of praise.

 The goals of Securitime are to increase guard performance, reduce liability and ultimately provide a ROI that pays for the program many times over.

 Keeping stakeholders “in the know” with real time data that is critical and actionable, keeping them informed to make better decisions regarding their local or regional security program

 Securitime is a turnkey program that can be quickly implemented without the need for equipment, software, or internal tech support and requires minimal training and is backed by our 24/7 support team.