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Rocateq USA LLC


Rocateq USA LLC
Booth # 1025
Danville, CA
United States

Rocateq is the most effective, yet reliable, scalable and technically advanced shopping cart containment system on the world market. Even though the global space for this service is limited to very few companies, Rocateq has been first-in-class from its first year of business, by developing a reliable product that has no peers. Some examples of our uniqueness: Our caster has an ABS- like feature that allows it to come to a gradual brake, instead of the abrupt stop that can cause discomfort or even injury to a shopper. We only saw cut one line in the parking lot, because our patented transmitter sends a dual radio signal, allowing for both locking and unlocking with the same cable. All critical components inside the caster are made of metal, therefore allowing the caster the same lifetime as the shopping cart. The Rocateq One Cable System (OCS) prevents shoppers from taking carts beyond a designated parking lot perimeter. The Check-Out Protection (COP) system prevents shoppers from leaving the store if the merchandise inside the cart has not been paid for. Rocateq is constantly developing new products or enhancements to our existing lineup.