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Booth # 109
Biilerica, MA
United States

Oncam, part of Oncam Technologies, is an independent, specialized, technology company with a reputation for being one of the most innovative firms in today’s market. The company designs, delivers and deploys total security and technological solutions from customized designs – including award-winning 360-degree cameras and related technologies.

Oncam's unique line of 360-degree IP cameras utilize award-winning technology that is recognized as the global industry leader. Whether for retail stores & distribution centers, critical infrastructure such as power plants, ports and pipelines, commercial or institutional assets, or home protection, Oncam's 360-degree technology is designed to meet today's situational awareness requirements.

This is achieved by integrating the latest in command-and-control, facial recognition, biometrics, access-control and other state-of-the-art technologies with Oncam's leading 360-degree imaging capabilities to provide the most comprehensive solutions available in today.