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The Matworks Company


The Matworks Company
The Matworks Company
Booth # 1309
Beltsville, MD
United States

The wrong entry system hurts your business all over.
Entry Systems // Your entry system can play a huge role in the success of your business. Consider these benefits of a customized entrance solution from The Matworks:

    • Reduce the risk of slipping and falling by customers & employees
    • Protect against injury and costly liability claims

    • Capture 
moisture, dirt, and debris from customers shoes before it transfers to your store or facility
    • Reduce maintenance expense
    • Provide visual appeal and branding opportunities


Quiet your day.
TEC Janitorial & Floor Care Services // Provides leadership with the kind of comprehensive maintenance services, personal attention and actionable information they need to control their workplace and selling environment.

You'll quiet complaints you may be receiving about poor service; quiet any management concerns about negative customer perceptions; and quiet stress and pressure in your own day, adding an important measure of control over your schedule and workload.

The Matworks / Comprehensive Flooring Solutions
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