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Location, Inc.


Location, Inc.
Location, Inc.
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Worcester, MA
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SecurityGauge® is the NEW industry benchmark for crime risk assessment. This all-new technology delivers address-specific crime risk data built using reported crime data from over 18,000 agencies. Reports contain maps that reveal crime risk in the vicinity of any address or store with unmatched 33 foot resolution. SecurityGauge® is proven to consistently predict retail shrink and violent crime occurrence with greater than 90% accuracy, as established by testing on over 10 million records. This new benchmark in accuracy helps retailers justify and allocate security resources that can measurably reduce shrink and mitigate legal exposure.

Available by PDF reports, API, or as a licensed data set. Coverage for any address in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or U.S. Virgin Islands. By Location, Inc. See an example report here: