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Interface Security Systems


Interface Security Systems
Interface Security Systems
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Earth City, MO
United States
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Interface combines retail applications like Internet access, PCI compliance, IP based alarm monitoring, video surveillance and access control on a secure, managed broadband connection to create a cloud-based service that protects people, property and data while shrinking operating costs and improving customer experience. Thousands of retailers trust Interface to protect their data and physical assets. • Maximize Availability - Secure Broadband is managed in our Secure Operations Center 24/7/365 to maximize up-time and keep traffic private and secure. • Manage Costs - Interface is the first and only full service company to combine Physical Security and Managed IP Services that when bundled result in immediate operating expense savings over current vendors. • Increase Performance and Efficiency - Combining one or more managed services improves the way your company runs, making it faster, safer and smarter with the cost-savings and convenience of a single vendor and consolidated billing.