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Indyme Solutions, Inc


Indyme Solutions, Inc
Booth # 429
San Diego, CA
United States
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Indyme Smart Response™ solutions empower store teams to reduce shrink, improve service, build sales, and increase productivity through instant awareness of urgent actionable events including:

  • Assistance desired at locked merchandise and service counters
  • Unexpected door openings
  • Activity in high-shrink areas 
  • Unauthorized person behind a service counter
  • Fitting room inspection notifications and logging
  • Cashiers requiring urgent assistance
  • Reminders to walk high-shrink “hot paths”
  • EAS and booster bag alarm notifications
  • …and much more!

Analytics pinpointing compliance with shrink and service iniatives empower management to drive ongoing performance improvement chainwide.

Over 22,000 Smart Response systems are driving instant awareness that is reducing shrink, building sales, and increasing productivity at major chains operating drug stores, supermarkets, department stores, DIY stores, and specialty stores.  Let Indyme show you how Smart Response can benefit your stores.