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i3 International, Inc.


i3 International, Inc.
i3 International, Inc.
Booth # 507
Toronto, ON

i3 International provides innovative, integrated and intelligent video solutions that assist businesses increase profitability. 

i3 is a manufacturer of IP and HD over coax video technology, intelligent video software, and integrated business intelligence software delivering analytics and exception-based reporting through POS  integration. i3 has recently launched Sentinnel by i3, a poweful licence plate recognition software.

i3 has earned a solid reputation as a flexible and innovative company in the security industry. Taking traditional surveillance technology to the next level, i3’s Video analytics software and Central management software (CMS) are designed for use in a variety of applications. Intelligent video technology that can be leveraged to not only protect assets but improve operational excellence and identify lost opportunity and trends. i3 International, a digital video pioneer in retail, has designed a solution to be a multi-dimensional, multi-departmental tool; useful to the entire company. Visit i3 to find out how we have helped hundreds of organizations use video beyond surveillance.