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General Dynamics IT


General Dynamics IT
General Dynamics IT
Booth # 547
Chicago, IL
United States

With solutions for pre-employment selection, high-speed theft investigations, improved employee safety awareness and managerial selection, General Dynamics IT online assessments help organizations build high-performing, reliable and safe workforces. We measure job-related attitudes and behaviors to help improve customer service, productivity and sales, and reduce employee counterproductivity, accidents, cyber threats, collusion, shrink and more:


  • A specialty retailer increased sales 3.8%, reduced staff turnover by 5% and reduced shrink by 33%

  • A large grocer reduced turnover by 22%, and avoided an estimated $23 million in lost sales by not hiring applicants with lower service standards

  • An electronics retailer identified top sales associates who outsold other associates by an average of $70,000


Our new Retail Background Survey supplements the background check process to address leading-edge personnel risk exposures traditional checks may not capture. Visit us today in Booth # 547.