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Crossmatch (DigitalPersona)


Crossmatch (DigitalPersona)
Crossmatch (DigitalPersona)
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Crossmatch biometric identity verification solutions are used by retailers to increase security, improve customer service and reduce fraud from the front to back office. By linking transactions to individuals, fingerprint biometrics reduces time and attendance fraud, eliminates unauthorized voids/overrides, simplifies compliance and speeds terminal log on/off.

The use of PINs, passwords, cards or keys, which can be shared, lost, stolen or forgotten, at the POS terminal are key drivers of rising operating costs.  Weak access control practices adversely impact your profitability. 

Fingerprint authentication secures access to POS terminals and provides transaction-level accountability, letting you know, FOR SURE, who is doing what, when.

Crossmatch's U.are.U. fingerprint readers are used in over 90% of the biometric POS terminals on the market today.