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Crime Accountability Partnership Program


Crime Accountability Partnership Program
Crime Accountability Partnership Program
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Melville, NY
United States
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Crime Accountability Partnership Program: Saving Resources; Changing Lives

In use by major national retailers in more than 2,000 stores, the Crime Accountability (C.A.) Partnership Program for shoplifting reduced calls to law enforcement 40-60%, will save $60 million in resources for police partners this year, and is on track to increase retail restitution collections up to 40% in 2017.

Designed by criminal justice & loss prevention professionals & provided free-of-charge to retailers, the C.A. Partnership marries technology with court-approved education programs to provide retailers & their criminal justice partners with a coordinated, high impact yet cost-effective response to misdemeanor shoplifting that reduces court case backlogs and frees up valuable resources, enabling police & retail teams to focus on more significant crime.

How it Works: Following the tenets of Restorative Justice, qualifying offenders must accept responsibility for their actions, pay restitution to the retail victim, cover the program cost, and complete the same education used by courts since 1989 with a recidivism rate of less than 3% nationally.

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