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CIS Security Solutions, Inc.


CIS Security Solutions, Inc.
CIS Security Solutions, Inc.
Booth # 624
Stuart, FL
United States
Silver Sponsor
Co-Sponsor of the Registration Bag and Tuesday Breakfast
Visit us in booth 624.  CIS Security Solutions has protected retail assets on display for over 27 years. CIS provides loss prevention solutions tailored to your needs. Our team of designers and engineers have been known to produce a prototype in as little as three weeks, from conception to product in your hand.  Our patented Mousetrap recoiling alarming tether has evolved through the years, and is currently in use in over 3000 retail stores across the country, protecting handbags, briefcases, backpacks, cell phones, and more. Come see us and ask about our new Convertible Tag and the new Scorpion Tag.  We also provide Counterfeit Detection equipment, customizeable alarming and non-alarming padlock tags, clamps, recoiling tethers, AM/RF/RFID and EAS tags, UV and Counterfeit Detection pens, UV flashlights, as well as our patented security EAS cores and Scratch & Secure color changing ink for register rolls and thermal rolls. 


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