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Cassida Corporation


Cassida Corporation
Booth # 1042
Tualatin, OR
United States

Cassida brings currency solutions to loss prevention


All retail environment dealing with cash transactions run the risk of inaccurate counting; having counterfeit currency passed to employees; or theft. Cassida offers solutions to solve all those risks. We help you automate cash processing and handling to organize and streamline your operations. Even if you work with a solutions provider, Cassida can supplement with state-of-the-art cash processing and authentication equipment. Let Cassida help solve your cash handling and cash processing concerns.

Cassida Corporation designs and markets money handling equipment including: currency counters, coin counters, and counterfeit currency detection devices. Since 1999, Cassida has used its research and experience in money security to assure accuracy in the most demanding counting environments on the globe, across multiple countries and currencies. The corporation’s North American operations are in Tualatin, Oregon.