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BrickHouse Security
BrickHouse Security
Booth # 130
New York, NY
United States
BrickHouse Security is a premier supplier of security and surveillance solutions to businesses of all sizes. We provide security solutions and consulting services to more than 400 of the Fortune 500 and more than 2,500 local and national government agencies, including the NYPD, the L.A. County Sheriffs Department, and the FBI. In addition, our clients proudly include over 40,000 small businesses from around the world. BrickHouse Security is headquartered in New York City.

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Camscura WiFi Covert Camera Giveaway

The Camscura WiFi covert camera is a great business surveillance tool because it never looks out of place in its environment. Easily prop it on a desk or hide it in almost any common object to keep an eye on what matters most and prevent everything from shoplifting to vandalism without arousing the suspicions of would-be criminals. The Camscura WiFi records in crystal clear 1280 x 720 HD resolution. And, with its 160-degree viewing angle you can capture the action in an entire room 

*One winner of the Camscura camera will be selected at random after the completion of the event.