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3SI Security Systems


3SI Security Systems
Booth # 1129
Malvern, PA
United States

Deterrence Isn’t Enough

The Real Solution to Slowing Retail Store Crime:
Putting Criminals Away

See this technology in action at NRF Protect Booth 1129 and at the EXPO Hall Breakout Sessions

Most stores use alarms, locks, safes, cameras and other crime deterrents, but criminals continue to rob retail locations. Deterrents can stop some crimes, but criminals either learn to outsmart them or, are so strongly motivated, will rob regardless of preventive measures used. The only surefire way to prevent crimes is to lock up crooks. 3SI Security Systems’ tracking technology does just that: it puts criminals behind bars, stopping them from committing crimes. Further, it recovers stolen cash and assets so store owners can get back to business with minimal losses.

Over 80,000 3SI trackers are protecting assets around the world and leverage multiple technologies (GPS, Cellular and RF) for pinpoint accuracy in tracking.

3SI GPS Tracking is available to protect most retail businesses, including:

  • Cash in drawers, safes, vaults and during transportation;
  • Jewelry in displays and safes;
  • Smart Phones / Tablets;
  • Cigarettes, both packs and cartons;
  • Pharmaceuticals

Show Specials

Win a YETI Hopper Cooler $280 Value

Stop by 3SI's booth no. 1129 to enter for your chance to win a YETI Hopper Flip 12 Soft Cooler valued at $280. 

The YETI® Hopper Flip 12 is the first 100% leakproof, portable cooler that’s built for the long haul and can keep ice for days. It’s reliable. It’s convenient. It’s easy to carry and designed for those on the go.


Cash Tracker™

Protect cash from robbery or burglary anywhere it is vulnerable, including in a cash drawer, drive-thru, safe or while in-transit between locations or the bank. Arrest criminals and recover stolen cash with Cash Tracker™.

Asset Tracker™

Almost anything that can be stolen can be protected by Asset Tracker™. Hidden covertly inside the item to be protected, Asset Tracker automatically activates when stolen, leading to the criminals arrest and the assets' recovery.


Virtually undetectable by criminals, PharmaTracker® automatically and silently notifies law enforcement a crime has occurred. Using GPS tracking technology, officers track the criminals leading to apprehension and recovery of the stolen pharmacy items.

Phone Tracker™

Protect high-end smart-phone inventory with Phone Tracker™. When inventory is stolen, law enforcement receives detailed tracking information so officers can pinpoint the location of the stolen goods and catch the criminals.